Big Beer Bonanza Homebrew Competition

The San Antonio Cerveceros, in collaboration with Künstler Brewing, would like to formally invite you to participate in our ongoing series of Homebrew Competitions. Entries will be judged by a panel of up to 25 Stammtisch members. The winner of the competition will have an opportunity to brew their recipe on a pro system and see the beer sold at the brewery in addition to having heavy input on the name of the beer. In addition to supreme bragging rights, the winner will be able to buy that beer while it's on tap for only two dollars! Entries are limited so reserve your spot today!

Entries must comply with below rules in order to qualify:

Max entries: 25 total, 1 per person/team

Beer Style: The sky is the limit!

Yeast brand: White Labs or Imperial - Yeast style is brewer choice

Spending limit: $100 for 5 gallon batch (This includes the cost of grain, hops, yeast and any adjuncts)

Adjunct limitation: Any additions to the beer MUST be something that can be purchased on a large scale by the brewery, very rare ingredients are not something the brewery can feasibly obtain.

OG minimum: 1.085

Must be brewed on a homebrew system

Entries will be submitted at a quantity of 3 x 22oz bombers

Beer must be dropped off either at Kunstler or with the event organizer no later than December 9th, 2018. Please contact David at to arrange drop-off at either location and to provide details on your submission.

Happy Brewing!!!

Vera Deckard